At Egan National Valuers we offer a comprehensive range of valuation and property related services for Australians. Our team of property specialists will ensure that you receive the appropriate independent advice and services that you require.

Asset Valuations
Ensure transparency and accuracy of the value of fixed and infrastructural assets for regulatory purposes, financial reporting purposes to AASB standards, or for disclosure to shareholders.

Current Market Valuations
Determine the market value of a property at the present point in time. This valuation is typically used when buying, selling or refinancing.

Insurance Valuations
Used to ensure you have the appropriate level of insurance cover to protect your assets and investments in the event of loss or a disaster.

Specialised property advice for a variety of legal purposes. Our valuers frequently appear as expert witnesses in property related cases, including family law valuations.

Valuations for compulsory acquisition and compensation claims including (Mr Fluffy) Asbestos Response Taskforce valuations (ACT).

Portfolio Assessments
Valuations of multiple properties in a portfolio. Typically portfolio assessments are for large corporate or government clients.

Property Consultancy
General consultancy on all aspects of property including property depreciation analysis.

Rating Valuation Reviews
Assistance to co-ordinate and organise appeals against rating valuations. This service is normally used in order to reduce property rates and taxes.

Rental Assessments & Determinations
Provides information surrounding the market rental of your property. Egan National Valuers can also help with independent advice towards issues concerning lease details and the provision of rental valuations and expert rental determinations.

Valuations are conducted for a variety of taxation issues including for Capital Gains and GST (Market Scheme) purposes.

Real Estate Investment Analysis and Consultancy
Assisting overseas and domestic clients in their acquisition, portfolio management and disposal decisions to maximise return on investment and implement long-term growth strategies.

Development Feasibility and Valuation
Specialising in the provision of expert development feasibility and development valuation of unit developments, apartment developments and land subdivisions using specialised software to project cash flow and profitability.

Egan National Valuers can provide you with valuation services for all property types, including:

Commercial and Industrial
Offices, factories, warehouses and storage facilities.

National parks, marine parks, reserves, educational, law enforcement, emergency services and health.

Houses, flats, apartments, vacant land, townhouse/unit developments, apartment developments, land subdivisions and SDA/ NSIS

Show rooms, strip retail and retail shops.

Farms, forestry, broiler farms, dairy, grazing, cropping, specialised rural, agribusiness and lifestyle blocks.

Special Purpose
Service stations, car park facilities, automotive showrooms, aged care and retirement, caravan parks and child care.

Hotels, resorts, motels, lodges and leisure projects.

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